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[VIDEO] Lil Wayne Thanks Fans & Announces Tour In Post-Hospital Video

It’s amazing to me that after his hospital scare with reports that he was on his death bed, Lil Wayne is out and back at it like nothing ever happened.  Heck, if I get a cold you gotta give me at least 3 days before I’m back to tweeting at normal levels.  But TMZ shared this video of Lil Wayne thanking his fans for the prayers and sharing news about his album and upcoming tour with T.I.

Lil Wayne after hospital release

The video is littered with cuss words, as one would come to expect from Weezy, but the gist of it is is that he’s feeling fine and is back on his hustle.  T.I. also shows up in the video to promote the tour in his colorful way.  Check out the video below: 


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