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Fantasia Says She’s Learned Her Lesson From Dating Antwaun Cook

As a person on the outside we sometimes see things differently form the people in the bubble. I know celebs often feel under attack, but in the case of Fantasia, I think her fans were really trying to stop her from making the same relationship mistakes. In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, Fantasia reveals that she is no longer with Antwaun Cook. Although she doesn’t discuss the fact that he’s a married man, she admits she made many mistakes because she didn’t understand how to love or value herself first.

Me and Antwaun, as of now, we are not together. I think it’s the best thing for us all. We had to learn how to become friends again. There was so much stuff that came out. We were all hurt along the way. There’s trust issues. There’s just a lot of stuff that kinda got put in the mix. And I, at one point, I wanted to make everybody else happy. To love him, to make sure Zion was okay, to make sure everything—but I had to get to a place where I had to learn how to love Fantasia. I never did that, Jamie. And if I don’t love myself, then I can’t be in a relationship.

Fantasia April Sister 2 Sister Cover

Fantasia goes on to talk about the lessons she’s learned from her relationship with Antwaun Cook. I feel like this is a lesson Fantasia could have avoided, but I really hopes what she says is true…Check it out after the jump:

He’ll say, “I learned that you can’t play with people’s hearts.” I think every man gets to a place of knowing that they wanna be faithful and they wanna be good fathers and good husbands and good boyfriends… Things play out for you to say, okay, it’s time for me to man up or it’s time for me to woman up. I think we both have a lot of regrets of how things just happened; it all happened so fast. I just went full-speed ahead and that’s why I was tellin’ you now. I think out everything before I do it. Everything.

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