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I am shocked to learn that Kordell Stewart filed divorce from his reality star wife, Porsha Stewart (Williams), stating “irreconcilable differences”. I guess he really wouldn’t “let” her pursue her career and continue her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta, over making him some kids. I just knew those women on RHOA would cause Porsha to lose her man (just kidding). This may read like a soap opera, but unlike reality TV, this is real.

Porsha Stewart Divorcing Kordell Stewart

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Porsha Stewart may not be returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta because of Kordell’s choosing. Now it looks like they’re also getting a divorce because of Kordell’s choosing. I wonder did the Lord tell Kordell to divorce, too, you know since he’s so “prayerful” about his decisions. Don’t let me get started on my feminist rant. Details when you continue:

7:49 AM PT — According to the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Kordell says the marriage is “irretrievably broken” … and claims the two are currently separated.

It seems Kordell also believes he shouldn’t have to pay Porsha a single cent in spousal support … claiming, “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

Kordell also says there are no marital assets subject to division … which suggests there is a prenuptial agreement in play. {Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce via TMZ}

Some men get this submission thing twisted, and do some foul things in the name of the Lord. My heart goes out to Porsha, hopefully now she can shine and find a man that will biblically put her needs and desires above his own. I’m mad! 

P.S. The couple was married May 21, 2011, and not quite two years later, he’s filing for divorce. I guess now is the time to talk about those other rumors not worth mentioning when they were married.

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