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Chris Brown Addresses Rihanna Assault & New Music With J. Lo In Ryan Seacrest Interview

You know it’s hard for me to realize that Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna four years ago.  It gets brought up nearly everyday on Twitter.  Can you imagine if you were arrested for something four years ago and you had someone reminding of it every day?? Definitely not making excuses but that sounds like a life of burden that no one would want to live.  But Chris Brown was on the Ryan Seacrest radio show and talked about pretty much everything you might wanna know.

Chris Brown XXL Photo Shoot 2

“I think for me at that age — 18, 19 — I was capable of writing and producing songs, so I’m also capable of making the right choices,” he said. “I think it’s about a learning process now. Being at that young age, I can tell you I was arrogant and definitely hotheaded. Everybody has a temper, but for me it was not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands.”

Chris reflected on his relationship with Rihanna, calling her a ‘wonderful person’ for being able to forgive and move forward with him.  He also talks about his recent pics with J. Lo in the studio.  Apparently he is writing and recording with her for her album and hoping to get her to return the favor.  He also mentions a new single due out in April.  Lots of things going on in the world of Chris Brown.  Check out the interview, when you continue… 


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