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Chad Ochocinco 33 Birthday fiancee Evelyn LozadaI guess Chad Johnson feels like he’s gotten his life back on track after head-butting his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, just days into their marriage. The once remorseful ex-husband, who vowed to get Evelyn back, has definitely moved on, but not in a good way. In a series of bizarre tweets to Danika Berry, Evelyn’s publicist, Chad reverts back to his old abusive ways. He accuses Evelyn of being a gold-digger for not sticking it out with him after he lost his career. He also accuses Evelyn of cheating on him, as well as sleeping with members of “YMCMB” to get her book published.

Eff you and your PR campaign to keep those 15 minutes alive…she better hope that YMCMB d*ck keep her straight for life. Since you want to open up a can let’s air out the dirty laundry of the oh so saved and righteous when it’s convenient!!!! Let’s talks about the late night text messages and sneaking around she was doing while we together smashing CERTAIN people!!

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Attacks Evelyn Twitter

But why? Sadly no one really knows why. Chad starts off talking about random women. Switches over to gold-diggers and losing his career. Then starts attacking Evelyn via her publicist. All while on twitter, a public forum. Things got so out hand that Evelyn’s daughter, Shaniece Hairston, steps in to defend her mother’s integrity:

Chad Johnson Shaniece Hairston Twitter

Evelyn and her team do not take the bait, in fact Evelyn takes the high road. Proud of her! She simply tweets:

Keep talkin’ cuz I’m walkin’

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