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Breaking News: Lil Wayne Reportedly On His Death Bed??? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Rapper TI says he spoke with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne reportedly sent out a tweet saying he was “Good”, but there is no way to know if Lil Wayne sent out the tweet or someone else in his camp, especially since there are no pics. Pics are worth a 1000 words, tweets not so much. The good news is that there is a consensus that Lil Wayne is alive, and is not dead. The bad news is that we really don’t know the state of his health, or how severe his health really is. Tomorrow the news may report something different than tonight. This whole ordeal is just like that episode of Scandal, when they said Fitz was alive and well to buy some time for him to come out of his coma.

TI Confirms Lil Wayne Is Alive

UPDATE: Lil Wayne is technically not dead…there is hope.

UPDATE: TMZ retracts death bed statement, but insists Weezy is on life support. Weezy’s mother is allegedly on her way to the hospital to make final decisions.

UPDATE: It’s Young Money vs TMZ. Mack Maine says Weezy is well and alive, a statement will be released soon. TMZ says Weezy is on his death bed with tubes in an induced coma. Who to believe??? IDK, but this is one strange night! We will just be still until we get an official confirmation. Most of us think Mack Maine is trying to hold off publicity, until all family members are notified, or a final prognosis.

Mack Maine Says Weezy Is Alive

Lil Wayne may not make it, y’all. According to TMZ he is now on his death bed, and the next post very well may be a R.I.P. Lil Wayne post. Say it ain’t so...

We’re told Wayne is being given his last rites … with his family surrounding him to say their goodbyes.


Let’s just hope TMZ has gotten this one wrong, unlikely considering they were right about MJ and Whitney Houston. But it could happen, let’s just hope this is a mistake, a prank, or misinformation!!!

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