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Bobby Brown Free After 9 Hours Of Jail

I planned on writing a Free Bobby Brown post today, after the singer turned himself in yesterday to serve a 55 day sentence for a DUI arrest.  Well, less than a day later Bobby Brown is free, after serving only 9 hours of his 55 day sentence. That’s Los Angeles justice for you! No one expected Bobby Brown to do the full 55 days, but 9 hours. Makes me think Lindsay Lohan should have chosen jail over rehab.

Bobby Brown Free From Jail

Bobby Brown is not out of the woods yet. According to TMZ, Bobby Brown is still on probation for the next 4 years and will have to serve 18 months in alcohol abuse classes:

Brown checked into L.A. County Jail at 9:58 AM Wednesday.  He was released at 6:58 PM.  Interesting … an L.A. County Sheriff’s spokesperson said just days ago Brown would serve 9 days … but the jails are bursting at the seams and this is what happens … kind of a joke, don’t you think?

Brown was arrested in October after driving erratically on an L.A. street.  He pled no contest to DUI and driving on a suspended license.  It was his second DUI arrest in 7 months.

Bobby is on 4 years probation and has to attend alcohol ed classes for 18 months

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