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Meet: Christina Regusters,19, Accused Of Kidnapping Nailla Robinson

christina regusters mugshot kidnapped Nailla RobinsonLast month 5 year old, Nailla Robinson was kidnapped from her school by a woman dressed in “Muslim garb”, claiming to be Nailla’s mom. Why the school failed to protect this little girl, and didn’t properly identify the lady claiming to be Nailla’s mother is a whole other story? Because of the school’s failure, Nailla Robinson was abducted, assaulted and raped. Less than 24 hours after the abduction, the little girl was found by Nelson Mandela Myers. She was shivering in the cold and rain, at night, at a playground, with nothing but a T-shirt on.

Thanks to details provided by Nailla regarding the location of the assault, an arrest has been made. 19 year old, Christina Regusters, who works at the daycare where Nailla attends after school care, has been arrested and is now facing charges of kidnapping, assault, and rape. The key to the case is DNA, and the discovery of a macaw bird. Nailla tells investigators, her abductor used the bird to scare her into submission, claiming the bird would “pluck her eyes out” if she disobeyed. The fact that Christina Regusters works at Nailla’s after school program also explains why Nailla was familiar enough with the young woman to leave school.

We also learn from the new details released today, that Nailla was sexually and physically assaulted:

Investigators believe after the suspect and victim successfully walked a few blocks to the home a man was waiting.

The child was blindfolded, told to remove her clothes and put on a black, adult-sized T-shirt, and then ordered to hide under a bed, authorities said. DNA on that shirt is said to have been found connected to something in the house. {Christina Regusters Charged In Kidnapping Nailla Robinson}

Christina Regusters is just an accomplice, and the police are after more people. Hopefully with the severity of the charges, Christina will reveal the names of the people involved. Especially the name of the man who raped Nailla Robinson. Nailla’s parents are grateful for an arrest but definitely want justice:

..the girl suffered ‘terrible, horrible injuries’ and that the family was ‘grateful’ for the arrest, but knows it isn’t the end of the line.

I pray they find the rest of the people involved and that they are thrown under the jail. I pray this spirited young girl grows up to be a healthy young woman uninhibited by her past.

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