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Kim Kardashian’s Belly Bump FINALLY Makes An Appearance

I can never remember but HOW far along is Kim Kardashian supposedly?? Like, 4 months or something?? I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think that’s accurate, no matter what she said.  And while I saw hints of a growing belly here and there, there was never a real shot that I saw that specifically highlighted her belly.  Well, now there is.

Kim Kardashian's baby bump

Kim shared this picture of herself on Instagram with her sister Khloe and her belly bump.  Finally! I see it!  I wonder if this means she take a hiatus from her busy schedule of socializing and…whatever else she does or if she’s just gonna keep up with the steady pace until the baby arrives.  Whichever way she goes, there’s gonna be no hiding of that belly anymore!

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