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Beyonce: You’re Not Messing With My Clique…Clique…Clique

Solange Knowles once revealed that her sister, Beyonce Knowles Carter, was very protective of her. Growing up, Beyonce would threaten anyone who had something negative to say about Solange. Well fast forward years later, and you can see mama bird is still protecting her flock of family and friends.

So anyone that has something negative to say about her clique *coughs Keyshia Cole*, Beyonce wants you to know, she got their back.

Beyonce Mother My Clique Photo

[Angie Beyince, Tina Knowles, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce]

LOL, look at Ms Tina. More pics of the cute trio that is Destiny’s Child when you continue…

Beyonce Michelle Kelly Rowland My Clique

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