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UPDATE: Amber Rose has not had the baby, yet. Although she vowed to stay off twitter, she did confirm today that she was just monitoring the baby’s heart rate. The official due date is February 24th, so it will be any day now for the next week and a half:

Amber Rose Not In Labor YET

I have NO clue why I am excited about this baby, but I am. I am happy that Amber Rose found love especially after Kanye West, and that her Cinderella story may end with a slightly happy ever after. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose just seem like a perfect pure spirited match. I can’t wait to see first pics of their little boy, who should be here soon. Rumor has it that Amber Rose is in labor, and hopefully it’s not a false alarm. Wiz Khalifa tweeted this pic a few hours ago:

Wiz Khalifa Blesses Family On Twitter

Amber Rose In Labor

To be continued…Check out the last pregnant picture of Amber Rose meditating before she pushes that baby out (peaceful):

Amber Last Pregnancy Picture Meditating

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