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What’s Beef?: Katt Williams Threatens To Punch Quentin Tarantino Over The N-Word

It’s a brand new year, yet some people are still doing the same old things they should have left behind in 2012.  Katt Williams being one of them.  TMZ caught up to him and asked his opinion over Spike Lee being angry at Quentin Tarantino‘s usage of the n-word in the movie Django Unchained.  And Katt, who’s forever line stepping these days, wasted no time in saying that he would go ahead and punch Quentin square in the mouth.

…that’s disrepectful, who would do that? Let alone do it 186 times in a movie for profit. Like, for real? And put it out on Jesus’ birthday? Really? Better unchain Django. I’m trying to figure out how you had a silent letter before n*****s could read.

Check out the video of Katt Williams’s response on Page 2. SMH! This is going to be a long year Sir Williams.

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