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WELP!!: Janelle Monáe Wants You To Focus On Her Music, Not Her ‘Amazing Body’

In an industry where someone having an incredible body becomes a tool to us for promotion, singer and Covergirl spokesperson Janelle Monáe has decided to keep that part of herself hidden so you can really hear her message.  Janelle is on the cover of Elle Canada this month and during an interview about her music she shared a secret that we can’t see under her tailored suits: she has a banging body.

“I started wearing this uniform, to be perfectly honest, because I have an amazing body.”

I feel my expression shift into the facial equivalent of “WTF.” Over the years, she has given many reasons for her sartorial choices – most often, she says the look is to pay homage to her parents, who wore uniforms while working as a janitor and a garbage-truck driver, respectively. 

“I’m serious – I’m not playing,” she maintains. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I’m attractive. I really have a nice body. And I had to pick: Do I want them to focus on my body? Do I want them to focus on how curvy and really, really gorgeous my figure is? Or do I want them to look at my music? What has more value? And I made that decision. I want them to focus on the message and the music because I feel like I have a higher calling.”

WELL OK THEN JANELLE!!! Now I’m curious about what her body is looking like under there LOL But I give her kudos for making such a strong decision about herself and what she wants to portray, early on.  I don’t know how differently her music would be portrayed if she was laid out scantily clad on Instagram like some other singers today… *looks over at Rihanna*

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