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Police Respond To SWAT Team Prank At Chris Brown’s House

Some people must be really, really bored. I would never come up with something like this, even on my most slow days.  But apparently Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to become a victim of a prank referred to as ‘swatting’.  Basically someone calls in a false emergency to the police, claiming some kind of escalated event is going on a celebrity’s house, trying to get a SWAT Team sent to their home.  What the hell?  According to the Los Angeles Times, police were sent to Chris Brown‘s home Monday night, citing a domestic violence situation.

The caller said that they weren’t sure if Chris Brown‘s mother was shot as well.  When police arrived at the house, members of Chris‘ staff was there but Chris wasn’t.  His parents also showed up after the police arrived and were investigating.  Other celebs who have fallen victim to this kind of false phone calls include Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and Tom Cruise.  And the police figured out a 12 year old boy was the one ‘swatting’ Bieber and Kutcher! I mean, really. Folks can’t turn back to planking or something?  I know there’s gotta be a library just full of books to read that they can get into…SMH

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