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French Designer Karl Lagerfeld Hates On Michelle Obama’s Bangs

First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most fashionable first lady’s in the history of the United States.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone will always love her look.  Take famous French designer Karl Lagerfeld for instance.  According to E! Online, during an interview Karl shared that he really wasn’t feeling the FLOTUS‘s new ‘do.

Michelle Obama & Karl Lagerfeld

After being shown before-and-after pictures of the first lady’s hair, Lagerfeld said, “I don’t understand why she changed her hair.”

“I love Michelle Obama,” he said before insisting that her new ‘do makes her look “like a news anchor.” (Un peu sévère, non?! ) 

Um.  WAT?? Now she looks like she’s going to give us the top stories of the day at 3, 5, and 10 PM now?  I’m trying to think of the last news anchor that I saw with bangs…and…just…doesn’t Karl have some clothes to design or something he can busy himself with?  He tried it.

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