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Wiz Khalifa Reveals Amber Rose’s Past Miscarriage

I suspect that I’m not alone when I say that I don’t know what makes the relationship between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose work but it’s really cute to see.  Ever since they got together, I haven’t seen anything but smiles all around.  And pretty much everyone was shocked when Amber and Wiz announced their pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards back in September. But Wiz sat down with Hot 107.9 Philly on The Q Deezy Show and revealed that that was not the first pregnancy they experienced together.

When Amber found out she was pregnant the first time she had a miscarriage soon after.  I’m sure that was a devastating experience for them both.  But Wiz said that he was sure about wanting a baby with Amber and low and behold they were pregnant once again, shortly after.  With the baby due in February, they both seem very excited about the upcoming birth. Check out the interview below: 


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