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Well. I guess that retirement speech Katt Williams gave last month about quitting comedy was a bunch of crock because he’s continued to do shows around the country.  It seems that there’s been no incidents in a while so maybe he’s exercising some chill.  But last night at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, TMZ managed to get their hands on a video of Katt Williams explaining his reason behind slapping ex-Target employee Forrest Liebenburg.

 “This is what the dude at Target said … ‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er.”

WHOA. OK. Soooo…I can understand why Katt slapped him.  For his part, Liebenburg was fired from Target shortly after the incident so I guess Katt‘s explanation is accurate.  Now, if only he can explain the rest of his behavior over the past few months. Hmm. See the full clip below: 

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