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Who Should Play Jesus Christ On The Big Screen? Fans Vote For Denzel!

How many of you saw Passion Of The Christ?  I did and I must admit it was incredibly powerful. One of my favorite actors ever, Jim Caviezel, did such an amazing job. So much so that I refuse to watch that movie ever again. I still recall the entire movie and am emotional all over again.  There’s no word on Hollywood green lighting another movie about Jesus Christ as of yet, but according to MSN Denzel Washington happens to be the most wanted actor to portray the son of God.

The Training Day star garnered 21 per cent of the vote in the poll, which was conducted by editors at Vanity Fair magazine and producers behind U.S. news show 60 Minutes, placing him way ahead of Daniel Day-Lewis, who scored 14 per cent. Al Pacino is at three with 13 per cent, while Ryan Gosling and Woody Allen round out the top five with 11 and 10 per cent, respectively. Philip Seymour Hoffman trailed the pack with an approval rating of just three per cent. 

Wow. Those names are quite random. Aggressively crazy Al Pacino?? Sexy ass Ryan Gosling?? Yeah, I’d vote for Denzel too. But apparently not everyone was happy with any choices because 15 percent of those poled didn’t think there was an actor suitable enough to fill the role. What do you think?  Is Denzel the right choice or is there someone else who could successfully pull it off?

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