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Jamie Foxx Being Sued By Woman For Tripping & Falling On Sidewalk

These are probably the types of cases that make working with legal documents fun.  According to TMZ, Jamie Foxx is being sued by a woman who fell outside of his house. On the sidewalk.  By herself.

The victim, Catherine Jones, said she attended a party held by Jamie last year.  And while at the party, she fell on the sidewalk and seriously injured herself.  Her reasoning?  Jamie was negligent in maintaining the sidewalk, thus her fall is all his fault.  So how much is she seeking? $10,000.  No one from Jamie‘s camp has commented yet but I don’t know about this one.  I’m thinking if he held a party…then it was inside his house…and if you fell on the sidewalk…it MIGHT just be your clumsy fault.  Especially if no one else reportedly got damaged by this dangerous concrete. I’m just saying.

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