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Chris Tucker Giving Up Comedy To Focus On Dramatic Acting

Do you know when Chris Tucker signed up for the movie Rush Hour 3, he was considered the highest paid actor in Hollywood at the time?? Chris got a cool $25 million for that role. Wow!! But after that movie, it seemed like he just all but disappeared off the face of the Earth.  During an interview with The New York Post, Chris talks about his desire to play roles that would challenge him.  And drama just happened to hold the challenge he was seeking.

While not intentionally seeking a shift from comedy to drama, Tucker wanted to broaden the impression audiences have of him.

“I know I’m capable of doing serious movies. I did ‘Dead Presidents’ in ’95,” he says. “I want people to see more of that. They haven’t seen enough of my serious, dramatic side.”

He’s starring alongside Bradley Cooper in the movie Silver Linings, which comes out this Friday.  He’s also been doing a few stand up performances this past year.  I really like that he’s returned to his stand-up comedy roots.  He was a great comedian.  But, I am eager to see what the dramatic Chris Tucker has in store for us.  That’s a good look.

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