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All Types Of Talent: Beyoncé Paints Artwork For Alicia Keys’ Party For Swizz Beats

What do you do when you’ve become a mega superstar in music and a budding actress in Hollywood? You pick up a paint brush!  Always proving to keep people guessing on what she’s doing, it seems that Beyoncé could become a force to be reckoned with in the art world.  According to Contact Music, singer Alicia Keys threw a paint party for husband Swizz Beats. Swizz happens to be an art collector on the side.  And apparently the party revealed that Beyoncé can throw down in the paint.

She says, “We had canvases everywhere and you did whatever you could – even if you could only splat paint on it… There was something so cool about that for people. Jay (Jay Z) and B(Beyonce) came… Beyonce’s actually a really beautiful painter.”

Hmm. Will this become a new venture for B?  House of Dereon Watercolors? Only time will tell…

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