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WTH! Mom Potty Trains Twins In Public At Restaurant Table…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…Here I am again, this time writing about a mother who thought it was a good idea to potty train her kids in public. I don’t mean she took the kids to the potty in a public place, I mean she took the potty inside a public place. Still doesn’t sound so bad until you see the picture below, and realize this woman pulled out the potty– in the middle of the restaurant– at the table so that her kids (not one but two) can poop and pee while eating at the table…with other people in the restaurant. The last thing any person eating in a restaurant wants to think about is two girls and cup.

*SHOUTS* It’s a restaurant!!! That mom is probably over-stressed and at her breaking point. Cause that’s just not sane.

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