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I know Usher has been with Grace Miguel for a minute, well actually since he’s been married to, well actually while he was still married to Tameka Raymond. I understand the need to move on, and finally get your life back on track, after all it’s been two years. BUT family pictures with the  “mistress” (let’s call that thing a thing *in my Iyanla voice*)…I mean the “other woman”, just after a custody win…too soon. Almost looks as if Usher is not only insensitive, but gloating. Again, that may not be the case, but too soon, Usher, too soon.

Why did the song Let It Burn just pop in my head O_0. I have no sense…more pics when you continue reading…


I guess the next step is marriage, if Grace and Usher aren’t already married. I know Tameka’s blood is boiling.

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