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SNL Returns With New Obama & Frank Ocean With John Mayer

Saturday Night Live is back for another season!!! Last night’s episode featured Jay Pharaoh as President Obama instead of Fred Amisen, and two great performances by Frank Ocean featuring John Mayer on guitar.  I thought I was the only one wondering if that was John Mayer on guitar, turns out it was. I like Jay Pharaoh as President Obama a lot more than Fred Amisen, thus far.  Oppan Gangnamseutail, GANGNAM STYLE! (Don’t worry I didn’t get it either until now, but Youtube and reality TV are a big part of our culture.) SMH!

If you missed some of these highlights, don’t worry you can watch them all below:

[Jay Pharaoh as President Obama…uhhhhhh]

[Frank Ocean & John Mayer]

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