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Reality Check: Rapper Tweets ‘YOLO’ Then Dies In Car Crash

This is one of those stories that really define irony in the strongest sense.  According to The Sun, aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness of Ontario was killed in a car crash with 4 other friends late Sunday night.  Ironically, his final tweet contained the word YOLO, which stands for “you only live once” (thanks Drake). His final two tweets read:

Drunk (expletive) going 120 drifting corners

Driving tweeting sipping the cup (expletive) yolo I’m turning it up. 

The final tweet was sent out at 1:20 AM and less than an hour later, the 5 young men were dead.

Marquell Bogan, 23, and Dylan George, 20, both of Ontario; Jonathan Watson, 21, of San Bernardino, and JaJuan Bennett, 23, of Rancho Cucamonga also were killed when their a 2005 Nissan Sentra traveling southbound on Haven ran a red light, lost control and slammed into a wall.

*sigh* Prayers go out to all of the victims’ families.  Gotta make sure we don’t mistake the YOLO mentality with dangerous acts!

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