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Official Video: Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me

Check out the video for Chris Brown’s latest single for Don’t Judge Me.

You’re hearing rumours about me | And you can’t stomach the thought| Of someone touching my body | When you’re so close to my heart | I won’t deny what they saying | Because most of it is true |But it was all before I fell for you

I LOVE this video and song. Check out the reasons why when you continue reading…

1) It’s the first time in a long time, his leading lady is darker than he is. I don’t mind people having preferences of color, but when making videos stop with the cliche video vixen look. Especially when your audience is so diverse. Mix it up!

2) Chris Brown needed to make this song cause the media keep beating up on his girlfriend, Karrueche. If it’s not hard enough being Chris Brown’s girl, Kae has people constantly attacking her online. Plus, the media are constantly leaking grainy pictures and spreading infidelity and break-up rumors. AND Rihanna is competing for his love in the background, too. I don’t know how Kae does it or why, but it seems like Chris Brown is finally addressing it in a love song.

You’re hearing rumors about me |And saw some pictures online | Saying they got you so angry | Making you wish you were blind | Before we start talking crazy | Saying some things we’ll regret | Can we just slow it down and press reset | You’re beautiful

3) It’s honest. It’s simple. It reminds me of Open Road, one of my favorite Chris Brown singles.

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