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So Nicki Minaj Didn’t Think The Wig Was Enough…American Idol Cast

Oh Nicki Minaj! Gotta love her…or not. Here’s a picture of the new American Idol cast complete with all four judges, plus Ryan Seacrest. You remember that song from Sesame Street:

Three of these kids belong together. Three of these kids are kind of the same. But one of these kids is doing (her) own thing. Now it’s time to play our game. Time to play our game.

One of these judges is doing her own thing. Can you guess which one? As if the neon yellow and pink wig didn’t stand out enough, Nicki Minaj also opts out of smiling. *claps hand for originality* but can we get one serious picture. Poor Mariah Carey! I can hear her thoughts…

Much better! I’ve seen Nicki Minaj in person, and she is a really beautiful woman. Strikingly beautiful! But, I would love to just see her…(no wigs*no make-up*no gimmicks). Maybe during the season?

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