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The recently engaged duo of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta‘s Lil Scrappy and Erica have been making the rounds, it seems. One of their stops was over to the people at Rolling Out Magazine for a photo shoot and some small talk between takes about their relationship and engagement.

“I may say some of the same things that other dudes say, but I don’t mean it in the same way,” he offered. “I’m not like these other baby daddy dudes out here. I really take care of mine.”

You know, this makes me think of a stand-up that comedian Chris Rock did.  In it, he talked about people wanting credit for stuff their supposed to do. Like they’re supposed to be rewarded.  I don’t know about you guys but I kind of think that is relevant to this. See more and read more, when you continue… 

As an engaged man …

Yes, the rumors of Scrappy and Erica’s engagement are, in fact, true. That much was confirmed the moment the couple walked into the photo studio with Erica sporting a gleaming rock on her left hand. As her smile matc­hed the wattage of her bling, the most beloved member of the ”Love & Hip Hop” cast appeared to be taking the big news in stride.

“I’m in a very good place in my life right now,” she shared, while watching Scrappy take some solo photos. “I learned so much about myself through this process with the show, and now I’m just looking forward to this next chapter in my life.”

By why get married?

After all of the ups and downs endured by the pair, why make such a drastic about face instead of easing back into a committed relati­onship?

It just didn’t make sense from the outside looking in … that is, until you spend time with the pair. The playful petting, the overflow of affection for Emani, and the sincere look of admiration delivered one to the other all points to a foundation that has as good a chance as any to make it in the long run.

For Scrappy though, the decision to put a ring on Erica’s finger appears to be a continuation of his effort to live life in a very grown man type of way. “It was time for me to do something really grown,” he shared. “So I popped the question and the beautiful lady said yes … that’s why she has the ring on her finger. But now we’re just waiting for the next big step. I wasn’t trying to play around with it for a hundred years. I wanted to do something really big. “

Marriage does qualify as something big. But don’t expect a big wedding in an Atlanta church.

“That’s cliché,” Scrappy explained.

What’s not cliché is a couple actually attempting to make their commitment known before God and the world. All it takes is a look at their own television show, and there are countless images that point to anything but marriage. More importantly though, Scrappy and Erica have decided to profess their vows in front of their daughter — which is a powerful image for any child to see.

For better or for worse, the two have decided to venture down the road less traveled in Hollywood. Where it leads, no one can say for sure … but we can only hope that the cameras are there to document every single bit of it.

Check out more pics here.

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