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The More Kanye West Defends Kim Kardashian The More He Puts Her Down

I think Kanye West needs to stop writing songs about Kim Kardashian. Apparently the things he find positive about Kim, does NOT highlight Kim in the best light. In the lyrics of his new song, Clique, he raps that Kim is better than you because she is famous for sleeping with Ray J on film *scratches head*:

Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.

No! This is not a good thing!!! “Eating breakfast at Gucci” is nothing to be jealous of, and definitely being famous for a sex tape, “home movie”, is not either. Kim could have possibly been just as famous without the sex tape, and that would have made her more of an amazing person. I need Kanye West to listen to Common’s The Light because that’s how you praise a woman. We all know, as soon as Kanye West and Kimmy Cakes have their first real fight over his jealousy, that “home video” will be thrown in her face so fast. If Kanye West has to rap about it, it probably still bothers him. I’m not convinced he’s OK with it. Changing her looks and fashion style, calling her a prefect b-word, and now praising her sex tape, it doesn’t seem like he values her, sounds more like he owns her. If something is perfect why all the changes. Anyway, Kanye West made Amber Rose famous, and he didn’t have to pimp out her home videos, either.

I know he’s doing this for publicity and shock value, but still the back-handed compliments are just as degrading as back-hand from a pimp…

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