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Friday Funnies: Samuel L. Jackson Urges You To Wake The F**k Up

Happy Friday everyone!  This is one of the Friday Funnies post that borders on the line between funny and truth.  Or maybe it’s just a little of both.  With the Presidental Election less than 40 days away, campaign efforts are stepping up.  Even from people who have no affiliation with the campaigns directly.  The Jewish Council For Education & Research has been campaigning for President Barack Obama for a while now.  But recently they’ve stepped up their efforts by adding some star power to the mix: Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel did a spoof on the book Go The Fuck To Sleep, which he did the audio reading for, and has recorded Wake The Fuck Up.  It highlights what would happen (possibly) if Republican candidate Mitt Romney were to have his way.  It’s both hilarious and enlightening. Peep the video below

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