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I have to admit I was hoping to see a glimpse of the scar since she’s been wearing hats in public pictures, but I don’t think the scar is a reason to watch the interview. I believe that the incident between Chad and Evelyn was not a publicity stunt and that this really happened to her, but the publicity that comes from it benefits Evelyn the most, and many people are just not ready to allow her to be the victim, just yet. Watching the clips of Evelyn going ham on her cast mates doesn’t justify head-butting in a marriage, either. Evelyn may be a hot-headed bully, but in most of those clips she’s seen throwing things or using objects to fight. I’ve never actually seen Evelyn land a punch or use her hands or her head to fight. So head-butting just doesn’t fit in with her MO. I agree with most people it’s just hard to be empathetic to her plight.

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