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Drag Queen Sues After Being Jailed In Women’s Prison

I swear the news is hella interesting.  Filled with stories that you just can’t make up.  A drag queen from Nashville is suing the city after being jailed in a woman’s prison for three years, according to WSMV. Karla Brenner says that he experienced a life of hell once the other female prisoners found out that he still had his male anatomy.

“Metro’s decision was, ‘let’s do it the easy way. She looks female on the outside. We will lie to everybody and say she’s a female,’ even though they knew she was a male the entire time,” said attorney Jim Roberts.

Roberts said this goes way beyond Brenner’s case and that having a man in a women’s prison is a dangerous and unfair situation.

“She could have been sexually assaulted or potentially other women could have been sexually assaulted,” Roberts said.

Brenner said he was, in fact, fondled by a female prisoner, and once word got out that he was a man Brenner said women prisoners were mad and took it out on her. 

“I survived it through the grace of God, because it was hell. I had contemplated suicide. It was horrible,” Brenner said.

I don’t know, man (no pun intended). I’m thinking that it was probably in his best option, because he looks so much like a woman.  And, they don’t say that he immediately protested being sent to a women’s prison so I’m thinking he probably agreed to go along with it in the beginning as well.  We really don’t know all the back story but just from what I can see, I think this is probably a story of regret after the fact.  What do you think?  Should Karla have been sent to the men’s prison or was the women’s prison the right choice?

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