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Cops In Tyler Perry Racial Profiling Case Cleared Of Charges

Earlier this year in April, I reported a story about Tyler Perry being stopped by two white officers in Atlanta.  He retold the story on his Facebook page, feeling that he was unjustly racially profiled for the stop.  It seems that the Atlanta Police Department did an internal investigation of the case and have been cleared, according to CNN.

The report said the officers were working for the auto theft task force and one thought Perry’s $110,000 sports car was similar to one on a list of stolen cars. The officer said that as he turned around Perry made the illegal turn. 

One officer, a six-year Atlanta police veteran, told investigators that he didn’t stop Perry because he was black.

“His vehicle had dark, tinted windows,” he said, according to the report.

His partner, on the force for eight years, testified that he “didn’t look at the driver” before the traffic stop.

The officers laid off on Perry once another officer pulled up, a Black officer at that.  He clued the officers in to who Perry was and said that the car wasn’t likely stolen, since he was a billionaire.  You know, I would think that the officers of Atlanta would know of who the most wealthy people were in their city, but maybe that’s just me.  No word if Perry is going to push for more investigation, as his rep has said he’s unavailable for comment.


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