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Chris Brown’s Tattoo Is Not Of A “Battered Rihanna”

I’m a blogger, so I would be lying if I said I didn’t know how to spin a story for more views. BUT, I don’t understand this hatred or need to take down Chris Brown by all means necessary. To the people in real media: Writing about Chris Brown getting a tattoo of Rihanna’s battered face on his neck is just beyond foul. I understand not liking Breezy for his actions against Rihanna, but I don’t understand making up new reasons to continue hating him. If you don’t like him, don’t buy his music, but please stop with the take-down pieces that has nothing to do with reality.

Thanks and I do mean THANKS  to Brandelah for providing us the answer seven hours ago before mainstream media decided to be honest and catch-up. Chris Brown does NOT have a tattoo of Rihanna, or a battered woman. The tattoo is a Day of the Dead tattoo (Día de los Muertos) which are very popular among tattoo enthusiasts. I wish I would have gotten this post up sooner…before Chris Brown and his team had to release a statement on this non-issue. Check out Chris Brown’s tattoo below:

…but that baby patched beard though.

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