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There is something about Chad Johnson that I like, not sure what it is because I also think he’s obnoxious and over the top. But in this interview with Inside the NFL that will air on Showtime, Chad comes across honest and sincere. He is open to all questions, he makes no denials, and he reflects on what he needs to do to get his life *in my Tamar voice*. Check out Chad close to tears, talking openly about his mistakes and missing his wife, ex wife.

What I need to do is work on Chad, that’s it…I don’t think, there’s nothing I can say to her [Evelyn] because she’s already heard it all. She’s already heard it all. What can I say, but through my actions. Actions speak louder than words and this is the time for me to show action.

Step 1, admitting you have a problem. Like he says, actions speak louder than words, so we will wait and see.

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