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If looking pretty is a talent then Cassie is definitely one talented young lady. If performing and singing live on BET’s 106 & Park is a talent, then Cassie is probably the least talented artist I’ve seen in the national spotlight. 

Anyway, Cassie thinks bloggers who talk about her are thirsty, and wrote a rant about it. I am not really sure how she is defining “thirsty”, but I hope is not the same way she defines “talent”. I’m not even sure what it is that Cassie does apart from Diddy that would warrant a blogger being thirsty. Obviously she is not talking about all bloggers, but “thirsty” is such a ironic choice of words coming from Cassie.

FUCK a blog & anyone that makes up bullshit – you ain’t shit. I never even give a thought to unvalidated shit that gets posted online, but I’m tired of it. Been committed for a LONG time to someone and I am sooooo in LOVE with HIM! Continue to call me names that you don’t even know the definitions to and wait for this fall, #RockaByeBaby. I’m getting mine. Have a great fuckin day. This is dedicated to YOU :: http://bit.ly/ON2MRh – Please get YOUR thirsty asses some water.

Thirsty bloggers will probably get some water, when Cassie gets ____________ (fill in the blank with your own words).

{Source Miss Jia}

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