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Cassie Gets Oiled Up & Sexy For GQ ‘Diddy’s Girl’ Shoot

So I’m guessing that somewhere along the way, Diddy and Cassie stopped pretending to NOT be a couple right?  Because between Diddy‘s “I’m a very lucky man” tweet and Cassie‘s “LOVE.HIM.” tweet on Twitter a couple of days ago, I’m guessing it’s full speed ahead. And now with Cassie having a photo shoot with GQ Magazine called Diddy’s Girl, I say it’s a wrap on that “we’re just friends” crap.

Likening her extended album releases to that of Sade (really?? O_o), this will be Cassie‘s second album since 2006. But with no official release date or title as of yet…I’m not holding my breath for much.  But Cassie is really a gorgeous girl who I wish would just get into modeling. Check out more hotness, when you continue… 

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