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[VIDEO] Bill Clinton’s Full Speech From 2012 DNC

Listen. The 2012 Democratic Nation Convention is turning out to be one of the best Democratic conventions that I’ve personally witnessed.  First Lady Michelle Obama‘s speech the night before last was so full of conviction, love and hope that I KNOW many people felt more inspired afterwards. And last night, former President Bill Clinton‘s speech was just a straight forward, shot-for-shot fire off of what Republican presidental candidate Mitt Romney isn’t promising and what President Barack Obama has done and will continue to do.

It was brilliant. If you thought Michelle‘s speech was the passion, Bill‘s speech was the fire.  At a certain point, Bill stopped reading off the teleprompter and reverted to just what was in his head and heart.  And I, for one, couldn’t help but applaud his snatching of the Republicans wigs left and right!  Watch the video because reading a transcript does it NO justice: 

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