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Uh Oh! Lindsay Lohan Blames Suge Knight’s ‘Son’ Andrew For Burglary!!

Man, listen. Maybe Lindsay Lohan doesn’t understand who Suge Knight IS, but someone in her camp needs to tell her to stay down.  Then again, this person claiming to be Suge Knight‘s son may not know who he really is either!  The troubled actress has been questioned by police in the theft of watches and sunglasses of a wealthy Sam Madrid, but Lindsay is pointing the finger at Suge Knight‘s ‘son’ Andrew, according to TMZ.

Apparently, $10,000 worth of items were taken from Sam Madrid‘s home, but the items were returned to him by Andrew and a friend.  Andrew says that Lindsay is the one who handed him a bag with a t-shirt which contained the items wrapped up in them.  Sam then contacted Lindsay, who says that Andrew was the true culprit.  Even though Andrew is claiming to be Suge Knight’s son but has yet to prove it, the police are only believing one person’s story… 

And that’s Andrew‘s!  The police have officially named Lindsay as a suspect in the case, who said she was taking Ambien at the time and doesn’t remember much.  Welp! Can’t keep doing mess and thinking you won’t get caught, Lindsay!

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