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As one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans you’ll ever meet, I usually have a problem with Michael Jackson documentaries.  Mainly, it’s because people don’t get the clearance from the Jackson Estate to use Michael‘s music, thus filling the whole thing with karaoke quality covers.  Well, I’m excited about this one because Spike Lee is such a Michael Jackson fan and he did the work he needed to get clearance.  Also, with Bad 25, Spike is using unseen film from Michael‘s personal collection to give us some behind the scenes footage for the recording of Bad, according to The Playlist.

Get the full movie synopsis and see a couple of sneak peek shots, when you continue. 

Bad 25 features captivating behind-the-scenes footage of the recording sessions for several of Bad’s biggest songs (“The Way You Make Me Feel” being among the most memorable). There are also revealing interviews with a number of fellow artists who worked with Jackson — such as Sheryl Crow, with whom Jackson shared the duet “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” on stage during the Bad world tour — and those who were inspired by him, including Kanye West, Cee Lo Green and Mariah Carey. Lee offers us a more intimate side of Jackson, one rarely glimpsed amidst the glitter and circus-like atmosphere that surrounded the notoriously private superstar, especially as his personal life (and appearance) became a scandal-rag mainstay in the years that followed Bad. As the landmark album takes shape before our eyes, we see Jackson’s dedication to his craft, his talent for inspired collaboration, and his sly sense of humour — as well as some hints of the toll that his relentless work ethic had on his psyche..

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