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So Kanye West Calls Kimmy Cakes His Perfect B!@%&…

Anything for publicity right?!? This song was made just so that everyone in the media, including blogs like this one, will have an opinion and write about it. At this point, if Kanye West wants to call his perfect woman the b-word, and if Kim Kardashian wants to embrace it, then so be it. Honestly, at this point the whole thing seems quite pathetic. After two engagements, Amber Rose, a few “model chicks”, and countless songs about all of his women, this gets a “yawn” *stretches arms*…and it’s not even an original concept, thus she can’t be too perfect. By perfect I assume he means Stepford.

I’m sure in five years or so, Kanye West will have a song calling her the perfect something else. Next! I don’t dislike Kim Kardashian, but everything can’t be for sale. Can it? I think everyone and their mama know Kanye West already lost the perfect woman for him *whispers Amber Rose*. Took him two years, several songs, album covers, outbursts at concerts, and some strange music videos to get over that relationship…and he still talking about her. Lastly, we all know realistically perfect just doesn’t exist. Once Kanye West gets a hold of it, it’s sure to become flawed or broken. Still like his music, though 🙂


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