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UPDATE: From K Michelle’s team:

First and Foremost, thank you so much for reaching out to confirm any assumptions as it relates to client, K. Michelle and Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte.

“K. Michelle and Ryan Lochte are just great friends who support one another. Ryan and K. Michelle have known one another for some time, and their relationship is nothing more but wonderful and supporting friends in each other’s career.”

REVISED: Ryan Lochte is not dating K Michelle! I can tell you that those K Michelle rumors did not come from Team Lochte. So why would someone leak pics and claim to be dating Ryan Lochte, for publicity of course. According to Lochte’s team some people *whispers K Michelle* will do anything for attention.

Question: How much do you love or laugh at this (MTO rumors)

Miss E: What people will do for attention

Since Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta has premiered some strange things have been happening to keep a buzz going on about the show. Here are the tweets to prove it:


But they would make a cute couple…

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