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Alicia Keys Gets “Edgy” For Album Cover Art

Alicia Keys’ new album, Girl On Fire, is slated to hit stores November 27th. Although this album’s art work is edgy and bold, I sure hope the album is, too. It’s been known since 2007 that I am not a huge fan of Alicia Keys’ music. She has some hits I can jam, but for the most part her songs just seem empty, glossy, and too polished for my taste buds. So I’m hoping this new edgy look is a sign of something different, deeper, darker…BOLD.

My friend thinks I don’t like Alicia Keys’ music because of the Swizz Beatz situation, that’s so not true!!! I still jam Fantasia’s When I See You at least once a day #noshade. So I had to dig deep into the archives to prove that I have been saying this even when I admired Alicia Keys as a beautiful philanthropist. I’m actually hoping the Swizz situation with the media brings some depth to her music, and that I can connect to her music on a deeper level. Something magical like her first album, and nothing like the last two. I am coming into this album open-minded, ignoring the first song, New Day

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