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Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have To Choke A B?? Wants To ‘Slap’ Bill Maher!!

I’m a little bit salty that I didn’t know that actress Aisha Tyler has a podcast show. I’m definitely going to have to get involved with that because she’s awesome.  But last week, Aisha invited comedian/actor/singer Wayne Brady on her show, to discuss life.  And in their discussion came up the subject of political host Bill Maher, when he compared President Barack Obama‘s ‘weak’ ways to Wayne Brady:

…If Bill Maher has his perception of “what’s Black” wrapped up, I would gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street and THEN I want to see what Bill Maher would do…

OBVIOUSLY Bill hasn’t seen the infamous Wayne Brady sketch on Chappelle’s Show, because that pretty much showed that Wayne isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, as he was often portrayed to be.  While Aisha does point out that Wayne Brady is now a pop culture reference, Wayne is still is not having it.  Hear the full clip, when you continue (some use of profanity)… 


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