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[VIDEO] Mob of 300 Teenagers Deface & Rob Wal-Mart Store

Listen. Stories like this make it really hard to even LIKE the teenagers of today.  This past Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida, a group of about 300 teenagers took over a local Wal-Mart, throwing food, robbing the store and shooting in the parking lot.  According to The Daily Mail, the teens are believed to have come from a party not far away, where one teen was allegedly shot in the leg.

At this time the police haven’t made any arrests but if they do, they will be facing criminal charges. I have so many questions. Where are their parents?? What kind of party is able to contain 300 teens?? Why aren’t they at home?? *sigh* I can’t even fathom hanging out with that many people and just smashing mobbing it up like it’s the most natural thing to do.  And, of course, some of the teens posted the video to YouTube. LAWD. Check out the footage below

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