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SAD NEWS: Tameka Raymond’s Son Brain Dead After Jet Ski Accident

UPDATE: Tameka Raymond has not spoken to the media on the actual condition of her son. The family just asks for continued prayer in a statement. Two corrections: Kile (the correct spelling) is not Tameka’s oldest son, he is the middle child out of five sons (the third oldest). The family friend was not drunk and there wasn’t a mechanical failure involved. Just a freak accident. I want to make sure we get the details right. Encourage people to pray and lift up Kile Glover and his family (Tameka Raymond & Ryan Glover, and his extended family).

This is hard to report and my prayers go out to Tameka Raymond & Ryan Glover, Usher, and their family and friends. By now you have heard that Tameka Raymond’s middle son, Kile Glover (11), has been declared brain dead following a tragic accident involving jet-skis. Kile Glover and and a 15 year old friend were struck by a passing jet-ski while riding on an inflatable inner tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA. The story is still developing, but if you believe in prayer, just send Tameka Raymond a word of encouragement, a word of strength…

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Kyle Glover — 11-year-old son of Usher’s estranged wife Tameka Foster — is in critical condition in an Atlanta hospital after he was struck by someone riding a jet ski … TMZ has learned. According to our sources, Glover was sitting in an inner tube on Lake Lanier when he was hit in the head. We’re told Glover was unresponsive when he was taken out of the water. Our source say Glover remains unresponsive and is currently in critical condition.

We’re told that despite Usher’s acrimonious divorce from Foster, he chartered a plane for Tameka, who was out of town, to be by her son’s side.

According to our sources, Kile Glover (son of Usher’s estranged wife Tameka Foster) has not experienced any brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital. We’re told there has been no decision yet as to whether or not to take him off life support.

Our sources say Usher arrived at the hospital last night and Tameka has not left the hospital since she got there. {Usher Step Son Injured In Jet Ski Accident}

This hurts from a distance, so I can’t imagine what Tameka is going through.

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