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Celebrity Divorce

Rick Ross Beats Paternity Lawsuit

You know, I know rapper Rick Ross probably gets it in with the ladies…but I find the thought just a bit too much and would rather not.  Thanks to this lawsuit though, it’s gonna be on my mind a while.  According to TMZ, at the beginning of the year 36 year old Tyrisha Childers filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross, claiming she had a child by the rapper years ago and never received child support.

Now listen.  Whenever you sue for child support, be it a famous rapper or an average Joe, there’s something you must understand:  Paternity is established by DNA testing.  This is why you have to make sure you really are filing correctly because you can pretty much be wig snatched by the judicial court up and down the block.  That being said, Rick claimed to have never slept with Tyrisha, making his paternity of the child impossible.  Want to guess what happened next? 

The courts asked for DNA testing. And lo and behold, Rick Ross is NOT the father. *Insert Price Is Right losing horn*  Go on and have a seat, Tyrisha. SMH

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