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Sadly, we all awoke to troubling news out of Colorado, a masked gunmen open-fires in a crowed theater at the midnight premiere of Dark Knight RisesAurora, CO, a suburban neighborhood right outside of Denver, 12 people are confirmed dead, and 38 people have been injured, and of that 38 many are in critical condition. Sadly the gunmen, James Holmes, did not discriminate, aiming at children, babies, and adults of all races. I don’t know what kind of evil or sickness leads an ex-medical school student to do such as thing, but I do know this crime is an unnecessary evil. So meet James Holmes…a 24 year old serial killer.

I just really want to knock that smirk off his face right now. I’m still in shock at the extent of this crime. Someone also uploaded a copy of his yearbook picture…and James Holmes reminds me of the prep boys from those Law & Order SVU episodes. You know the “good boys” who turn out to be guilty and derange cause Daddy love his car more than them.

This was a young man who was working on his PhD in neuroscience before withdrawing from school, and eventually shooting 50 people at theater owned by Cinemark. Police are trying to search Holme’s apartment, but the apartment is booby trapped. It may take days to secure the his dwelling:

The pictures we have from inside the apartment are pretty disturbing considering how elaborate the apartment is booby trapped,” police said outside of the apartment complex today. The “flammable and explosive” materials could have blown up Holmes’ apartment building and the ones near it, police said. {…ABC News}

Normally in these types of crimes, the shooter turns the gun on himself. However in this case, authorities found Holmes standing next to his car wearing a bullet proof vest, riot helmet, and a gas mask. The motive at this point is still unknown, but criminals that don’t take their own lives after mass shootings, either botched the suicide, or have a message to deliver.

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