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So Fantasia and Antwaun Cook are no longer a couple. Some things people just have to see for themselves, and I think Fantasia finally gets it regarding Antwuan Cook, especially since he has moved on to dating reality star (not really a star), Kendra James from Bad Girls Club.

BUT there is a blessing in all of the madness, their beautiful baby boy, Dallas. Fantasia is proud mother, and during a concert in Trinidad she let it be known that through it all God continued to bless her:

I have to tell God thank you because He has blessed me. Just when I thought it was all over, He kept blessing me. He’s always been there. I made it through because of God…Everything I went through is my testimony.

I just wish Fantasia didn’t have to go through all of this mess to be in a relationship with Antwaun, but like she said, she now has a testimony. In fact she has lots of testimonies, I just hope she finds a man that truly loves her to her core. More pics when you continue…

Check out more photos of this handsome baby boy courtesy of  Mama Guru at Black Celebrity Kids.

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