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Maxwell Discusses New Album & D’Angelo’s Return

Earlier this summer Maxwell announced that he would be having a series of concerts, where he would be singing the full albums of ALL his work.  Many of us rejoiced but just a few weeks ago, Maxwell had to cancel the shows, sighting vocal hemorrhaging problems.  Only July 4th, Maxwell tweeted that his voice was well enough to sing again and has resumed work on his album.  He shared his thoughts on what we should expect with SUMMERS’:

AP: How’s the new album coming along?

Maxwell: It’s my daily chore, let me tell you. The third part of it, “NIGHT,” is as well my daily chore. And I’ve got these other things that I’m doing with friends, other people’s projects as far as production, possibly guesting, those things come in and out. …(But) I like it though. I got to tell you man, like, definitely it moves, it’s not like I abandoned everything and I’m going to color my hair purple and do the punk thing. No. But it definitely kind of moves somewhere else past the “BLACKsummers’night” super-soul perspective music; the way that that record was, we have a soul thing and we have a gospel thing on the new album, but we’re definitely much more futuristic without the Auto-Tune (laughs.)

AP: People would be livid if they heard Maxwell with Auto-Tune.

Maxwell: I know. Need not worry.

Man, listen. Auto-Tune can segway off a cliff, for all I care.  I wanna hear pure talent not engineered talent!  He also praised his friend and fellow singer D’Angelo for returning to music:

AP: D’Angelo is having a similar comeback like you did in 2009. How does it feel to see his return?

Maxwell: I’m a fan. I couldn’t not respect what he does. We’re one year apart in age and we came up around the same time. It’s great, great, great news to hear that. It really is.

SUMMERS’ is due to come out sometime this year. We can’t wait!

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